• Bluetooth capability connection
  • Automated wind-protector
  • Automated Duel-Element Heater Unit
  • Automatic cleaving blade rotation via Bluetooth communication
  • Minimal manual operation. Splice in 4 steps
  • Multi-functional carrying case with integrated work station
  • Absolute robustness
  • Splicing time 6 sec / Tube heating 9 sec
  • Smart Device Connect Via Fujikura App
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Fujikura 70S+ Splicer

The Fujikura 70S+ is the world’s fastest and most robust core alignment fusion splicer. Incorporating the proven ruggedized features pioneered by Fujikura, the 70S+ has added automated and enhanced user control features to increase splicing efficiency. A user programmable, automated wind protector expedites the splicing process by automatically closing to initiate the splice process, and opening upon splice completion. Fully programmable “auto open sheath clamps” open one or both sheath clamps, after the tensile test, to prepare the fiber for removal. A new automated “clamshell design” tube heater applies heat to both sides of the splice protection sleeve resulting in a 13-second shrink time. The result is a total splice process time of approximately 21 seconds! Ruggedness and durability are greatly enhanced by a mirror-less optical system and “severe-impact resistant” monitor. Battery capacity is now 200 splices/shrinks.

An innovative transit case doubles as a built-in or mobile workstation and makes splicing easier than ever before. In an industry first, the 70S+ is also equipped with Bluetooth® technology. This allows the splicer to actively communicate with Bluetooth enabled fiber preparation accessories making maintenance of fiber preparation tools easier than ever! The 70S+ will also be available without Bluetooth functionality.

70S+ Splicer Kit with CT50

Item Description Image
70S+ Fusion splicer
CT50 Precision Cleaver  
ADC-18 AC adapter  adc-18-sml
BTR-09 Battery btr-09-sml
ACC-SA AC power cord  acc-sa
CC-34 Carrying case cc-30
ELCT2 -20A Spare electrodes (1 pair) elct2-20a
M-70 Instruction manual & PC software CD m70
Q-70S+/l9S-E Quick reference guide (English) q70s
USB-01 USB cable usb-01
SL-01 Sleeve loader sl-01
AP-01 Alcoholpot (1 pc) ap-01
SD-01 Screw driver (1 pc) sd-01
W-70-E Warning and cautions
Specifications Description
Applicable fibres Single I SMF (G.652/657), MMF (G.65l), DSF (G.653), NZDSF (G.655)
Cladding diameter 80-150µm / 100-3000µm
Cleave length 5mm to 16mm with sheath clamp
Splice mode / heating mode Total 100 splice modes / 30 heating modes
Splice loss 0.02dB (SM), 0.01dB (MM), 0.04dB (DSF) and 0.04dB (NZDS)
Measured by cut-back method relevant to ITU-T and IEC Standards
Return loss >>60dB
Attenuation splice function Intentional high splice lost of 0.1dB to 15dB (0.1dB step) for an in-line fixed attenuator
Splice time 6 sec ULTRA FAST, 7 sec SM FAST, 10 sec SM AUTO
Tube heating time 13 sec FP-03, coating dia. 250µm; 14 sec FP-03, coating dia. 900µm ; 9 sec Slim 60mm, coating dia. 250µm
Splice result storage Last 20,000 splices
Viewing methods / magnification 2 axis CMOS camera with 4.73″ colour LCD.
X / Y (320x magnification), or both X & Y simultaneously (200x magnification)
Tension test 1.96 to 2.25N
Applicable protection sleeve 60mm, 40mm and Fujikura micro sleeves
No. of splice/heating per battery full charge Typical 200 cycles with BTR-09
Electrode life 5000 splices
Wireless connectivity Wireless technical standard: Bluetooth® 4.1 LE
OS: Android 5.0 or above, iOS 8.0 or above (iPhone 6 or above)
Size / weight 146w x 159d x 150h (mm) / 2.7kg (including battery)
Operating condition Altitude: 0 to 5,000m above sea level, Wind: 15m/sec
Temperature: -10 to 50°C, Humidity: 0 to 95%RH, non-dew
Resistance features Shock: 76cm all surface drop
Dust: Exposure to dust (0.1 to 500µm dia Alumina Silicate), IP5X
Rain: H=10mm/hr for 10min, IPX2
Other features PC software upgrade / data management
Terminals USB 2.0 (mini-B type) connector for PC communication
6-pin mini-DIN connector for RS02 or RS03 power supply
Description Model No.
High precision single fibre cleaver CT08 (for single fibre)
High precision fibre cleaver CT50 (for single to 12 ribbon fibres)
Single fibre stripper SS03
Thermal jacket stripper HJS-02, HJS-03
Protection sleeve FP-03 / 03 (L=40) and FPS01 series
Description Model No. Set
Sheath Clamp CLAMP-S70C (inc. in standard package) 1 pair
CLAMP-S70D (900µm dia. loose buffer fibre) 1 pair
Battery Pack BTR-09 (Li-ion) 1 pc.
Battery Charge Cord DCC-18 1 pc.
DC Power Cord DCC-12 (for cigarette-socket) 1 pc.
DCC-13 (with alligator clamp) 1 pc.
Electrodes ELCT2-20A 1 pair
J-Plate JP-06 1 pc.