aeRos™ is a cloud-based, comprehensive workflow management solution. Every aspect of the testing process is more efficient. No matter where you are or what technology you use, coordinating with your field technicians is simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

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  • Cloud-based, efficient workflow management solution
  • Seamless testing using a variety of smart devices
  • Automatic sync of test configurations and results
  • Real-time, on-site test data validation and progress tracking
  • Centralized test management
  • Customized reporting
aeRos, AFL’s new cloud solution, combines AFL’s ROGUE open hardware platform with a cloud-based workflow management system that enables seamless and efficient ommunications and data management. aeRos simplifies coordination between the main office and field technicians by providing remote project setup, automatic data collection and reporting, as well as the real-time job monitoring that is independent of technology or location.

With aeRos, data is synchronized from ROGUE field test units automatically, making reporting easier and faster than ever. You’ll never again lose data or delay reports, and you can avoid unnecessary truck rolls and costly re-testing by addressing challenges as they arise. That means no more waiting days or repeating tests. Through the aeRos project dashboard, supervisors, project managers, and invited clients can quickly receive integrated results from multiple tests (certification inspection, and OTDR).

With aeRos PRO, projects can be defined remotely with a variety of test activities, configurations, custom or industry pass/fail limits for single fibre or MPO multi-fibre links. Projects can be assigned to a single user or to multiple technicians. Changes to a project can be made remotely while in progress, and updates to all
users can be assigned simultaneously through their smart devices.

aeRos provides a customizable, easy to use reporting template that includes “what-if” analysis against different industry standards. If a client wants a project tested against a new or different industry standard, simply enter a new pass/fail limit and aeRos provides the new status.

Features aeRos aeRos Pro
Multiple languages y y
Data transfer from Rogue units y y
Browser based y y
Support / manage SW updates y y
View archived projects / data/ results y y
Basic reporting y y
Advanced / custom reporting y
Remote project setup / management y
Real-time project status / monitor y
Active user management y
Integrate competitive data / files future
Data storage limited unlimited

a. All specifications valid at 23°C ±2°C (73.4°F ±3.6°F) unless otherwise specified
b. After 15 minutes warm-up.