IC Logistix (Pty) Ltd have invested heavily in a first class technical Service Centre at its head office in Randburg, South Africa, with quality products and service levels second to none. Our highly trained Technicians have the expertise to support all Fujikura products, including Fusion Splicers, ‘AFL Noyes’ testers and measurement equipment.

It is recommended by Fujikura Ltd. Japan that all equipment manufactured by them and distributed by IC Logistix (Pty) Ltd be calibrated annually. Electrode replacement service is as manufacturers specification, depending on the model. Establishing a regular calibration cycle will ensure that your Fujikura equipment is always within factory specifications. We do not just perform a ‘Clean-up service’; we perform a complete ‘Calibration’ service. Only the IC Logistix (Pty) Ltd staff of service engineers is qualified and experienced to service your Fujikura equipment.


We offer a 3-Day Turnaround for all service/repairs on field splicers*

Support includes maintenance, calibration services, warranty repairs, telephone technical advice and SKYPE. We offer free cleanup services for local clients.

Our Service Centre is equipped with the latest industry recognised standard test equipment. Our laboratory is the only accredited Service Centre by Fujikura Japan in Southern Africa.

The IC Logistix team of engineers (factory trained in Japan) offer high quality service and repair on all Fujikura splicing products and accessories. Our comprehensive stock of spare parts is carried for all current models to ensure minimal turn-around times. Technical support is available free of charge to all our customers, providing the opportunity to discuss any difficulties / technical issues directly with our engineers.

*Terms & conditions apply


Fujikura service contracts provide complete peace of mind & help make your maintenance budgeting easier.

Our service contracts avoid labour charges or expensive parts for unexpected repairs and a Premium Service contract includes; annual service, any repairs that may be necessary (including parts & labour), and even provisional loan machines for the duration of the repair service. For a once per annum fee and immediate cover available, that peace of mind could start now.

IC Logistix (Pty) Ltd offers a Premium Maintenance Contract for free for the first year with the purchase of any new Fujikura splicer. Our technicians travel all over South Africa and to many African countries bi-annually to perform services/repairs. This alleviates the risk and time wasted to send the splicers across borders and to different cities. Only a small travelling fee is charged.

Please phone our Head Office (+2711 521 2370) in order to find out when we will be in a city near you.


When a Fujikura product arrives at the lab for repair or service a pre-service assessment is completed initially. This is done to calculate the approximate cost of the repair and a quote is issued. Any anomalies are discussed with the client and issues like negligence by the operator, etc. are brought to the client’s attention. The next step is to strip and clean the unit as fibre debris on the gears of a splice machine is fatal to the motors and gearboxes. The fibre path, i.e. mirrors, lenses, clamps and V-grooves are cleaned and inspected under our high-power digital microscope. With the cleaver, we clean and check the fibre-plate and blade under the microscope.

We then align the X and Y optical paths of the splice machine. This is done to ensure the arc discharge is straight across the two electrodes. An angled arc reduces the life of a splice by as much as 25 years and causes premature wear of the electrodes.

Motors and sensors are calibrated next, before calibrating the arc duration and arc temperature. The unit is tested in different splice modes and a calibration certificate is issued after successful completion of all the tests.

All services and repairs are performed using specialised tools, equipment and software and cannot be performed successfully by anyone other than IC Logistix.


  • Technical support (free of charge) to Fujikura customers

  • Site visits & On the Spot repairs

  • Tailored service contracts (annual) – details on request

  • Unrivalled service/repair turn-around times

  • Product training


  • Software upgrade

  • Electrical safety checks

  • Comprehensive list of tests, checks & adjustments

  • Factory specification calibrations

  • Optimising splicer performance

  • Full Service report provided by engineer

  • Certificate of conformity

  • Cleaning of equipment and carry casing

Please note that only Fujikura Machines purchased through the correct channels will be serviced in our Service Laboratory, grey imports will not be supported nor will spares be sold for them.