• The cable blowing machine, comprising an air box and cable pusher, has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of fibre optic cable installation.
  • The system installs fibre optic cable of 6mm (0.25”) to 32mm (1.25”) overall diameter, at speeds up to 90m/min (300ft / min), into pre-installed ducts.
  • The system operates on the viscous drag principle employing compressed air to install the cable, controlled and assisted by the belt drive system.
  • The cable is propelled by compressed air, fed into the duct via a venturi principle, while the hydraulically powered belt drive system controls the fibre optic cable.
  • The electronic monitoring system provides read out of speed and distance, gives protection against duct obstructions and includes an emergency stop facility.
  • The system is mounted on an anti-corrosion treated, sturdy, height adjustable, wheeled, tubular steel trolley. This allows the unit to be wheeled around on site.
  • The C-1200 hydraulic petrol driven power pack provides power.
  • The unit is CE approved.
  • Power on/off button
  • Emergency stop button
  • Reset button
  • Combined length counter recording in metres (feet) and cable speed read out in metres/min (feet/min)
  • Hydraulic pressure read out dial
  • Air pressure read out dial
  • Hydraulic on/off control valve
  • Adjustable speed control for drive belts
  • Air supply control on/off with automatic exhaust function

  • Front mounted wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Lightweight anti-corrosion treated tubular steel frame
  • Adjustable frame allowing unit to be tilted up to 30°, reducing bending of duct and cable
  • Adjustable rear legs for uneven terrain

Air Box

  • Manufactured in aluminium
  • Range taking of cables from 6mm – 32mm (0.25”-1.25”) by means of interchangeable collets with double cable sealing arrangement
  • Duct sealing at mouth of air box
  • Duct gripping facility designed to obviate duct crushing and distortion
  • All seals, except cable seals, have a common diameter cord
  • Upper section of air box is retained
  • Air box aligned is adjustable for varying cable diameters
  • No tools are required to split air box for insertion of cable and duct
  • On/off air control valve with automatic air exhaust from duct when in “off” position

Cable Feeder

  • Manufactured in cast aluminium
  • Hydraulically powered
  • Unit lifts and splits to allow insertion of cable between drive belts
  • Drive belts are profiled polyurethane, moulded
  • Belt tension can be set by means of adjustable chain drive tensioners fitted to the side of the unit
  • System relief valve fitted as standard