Cletop (ACT) adapter cleaning sticks are an easy to use efficient means of cleaning fibre optic connectors in adapters and cleaning adapter alignment sleeves.


  • Easy to use and efficient. Delivers a consistently high level of cleaning performance
  • Easy to clean ferrule end-faces inside the plug-in fibreoptic connectors and various adapters
  • Lightweight and safe to use. Compact and disposable
  • Suitable for cleaning inside adapters for dust control

Recommended Cleaning Procedure for ACT Cleaning Sticks

  1. Insert: Ensure that stick is held straight when inserting into sleeve.
  2. Load: Apply sufficient pressure (approximately 600-700 g) to ensure ferrule is a little depressed in sleeve.
  3. Rotate: Rotate stick clockwise 4-5 times while ensuring direct contact with ferrule end-face is maintained.
Cletop adapter cleaning sticks