• Applicable up to 12-fibre cleaving
  • Automatic cleaving blade rotation via wireless communication
  • User replaceabel fibre clamps and cleaving blade
  • Wide lever opening angle allows for easy fibre placement
  • Single action operation including fibre scrap collection
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CT50 Cleaver
Model CT50
Applicable optical fibre Silica optical fibre
Fibre count up to 12
Cladding diameter 125µm
Coating diameter 160μm to 900μm (2mm/3mm cord & drop cable)
Cleave length AD-50: 5mm to 20mm (coating diameter = 250μm) or 10mm to 20mm (coating diameter > 250μm)
Fibre holder: 10mm (from the edge of FH: 13mm)
Cleaving angle Single fibre: typical 0.7 degrees. 12 ribbon fibres: typical 1.0 degrees
Blade life Typical 60,000 fibres (1,250 fibres x 3 heights x 16 positions)
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1® LE
Dimensions 120(W) x 95(D) x 58(H) mm
Weight 300g
Operating conditions Temperature: 0 to 40° (Humidity: 0 to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Storage conditions Temperature: -40 to 80° (Humidity: 0 to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Resistance features* Shock: 76cm (30inch) all direction drop / Dust resistance: ( 0.1 to 500μm dia. Alumina Silicate). Rain resistance: H=10mm/hr for 10min
Item Description Image
CT50 Fibre cleaver
AD-50 Fibre plate
SPA-CT08-10 Spacer
CC-37 Carrying case
HEX-01 Hexagonal wrench
M-CT50-E Instruction manual
Description Model No.
Applicable fibre holder FH-50-xxx
Model Description
CB-08 Blade
ARM-CT50-01 Arm set
FDB-05 Dust box
BRW-CT08-01 Blade rotary wheel
SC-CT50-01 Side cover