Fujikura has greatly simplified the process of joining two fibres, therefore providing significant support for our customers in the construction of a FTTH network. Fujikura FAST connector is a series of field-installable connectors, which require no polishing. Unlike conventional field-installable connectors, FAST connector series do not employ an assembling tool but incorporate its own pre-assembled wedge launcher. The pre-assembled wedge launcher is a disposal part after installing fibre. Fujikura FAST connector uses a mechanism of “Push-pull-wedge,” which has been introduced by Fujikura’s Mechanical Splices. As the “Push-pull-wedge” mechanism achieves clamping both bare fibre part and coating part, this clamping mechanism enhances strength against fibre twist.

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  • FAST-SC-UNI, FAST-LC-UNI has it’s own design to clamp 250μm and 900μm coated fibres.
  • Both are fully compatible with the standard SC, LC connectors and demonstrate the performance combining SC, LC connectors and Mechanical Splices.
Item Content
Applicable fibre diameter 240 – 265μm (for 250μm fibre),
850 – 950μm (for 900μm fibre)
Fibre Polishing Method UPC Polish, APC Polish
Connection Loss
(wrt master)
< 0.5dB (Single mode)
< 0.6dB (Singlemode APC Polish)
< 0.4dB (Multimode)
Return Loss > 45dB (SM fibre UPC polish)
> 65dB (SM fibre APC polish / When used with Angled cleaver)
> 50dB (SM fibre APC polish / When used with Flat cleaver)
Working temperature -40°C ~ 75°C (for 250μm fibre)
Base on fibre spec (for 900μm fibre)
Type Product Code
Single mode UPC Polish Fast-SC-SM-UNI/00-BL/BK Fast-SC-SM-UNI/00-BL/BK Fast-SC-SM-UNI/00-BL/BK
Single mode APC Polish Fast-SC-APC-SM-UNI/00
50/125 Multimode Fast-SC-G15-UNI/00-BK/BK Fast-SC-G15-UNI/00-BK/BK Fast-SC-G15-UNI/00-BK/BK
50/125 Multimode Fast-SC-G16-UNI/00-BG/BK Fast-SC-G16-UNI/00-BG/BK Fast-SC-G16-UNI/00-BG/BK
50/125 Multimode Fast-SC-10G-UNI/00-AQ/BK Fast-SC-10G-UNI/00-AQ/BK Fast-SC-10G-UNI/00-AQ/BK
Item Contents Image
250um fibre holder 1pc / 10 connectors
250um fibre insert guide 1pc / 10 connectors
900um fibre holder order separately
Spacer 1pc / 10 connectors
Marker 1pc / 10 connectors (only for APC interface connector)