• The Fujikura Fibre Holder System is developed to provide appropriate splicing work for several kinds of fibres, single fibres or ribbon fibres.
  • The FH70 series is supplied as a pair, for the left and the right respectively.
  • As for a fibre holder for ribbon fibre, see the FH-50 series datasheet.
Download specification sheet
Current Model New Model Current Model New Model Current Model
FH-50-250 FH-70-250* FH-50-2 FH-70-2 FH-50-DC250-DF FH-60-LT900
FH-60-250 FH-50-4 FH-70-4 FH-50-Q500 FH-FC-09
FH-50-500 FH-70-500* FH-50-5 FH-70-5 FH-50-Q500SKIT FH-FC-20
FH-60-600 FH-50-6 FH-70-6 FH-60-900-250-L FH-FC-30
FH-50-900 FH-70-900* FH-50-8 FH-70-8 FH-60-DC250 FH-FC-DIA12
FH-60-900 FH-50-10 FH-70-10 FH-60-DC250-SL FH-FC-DIA70
FH-60-160 FH-70-160* FH-50-12 FH-70-12
FH-60-DC500 FH-FC-SH70
FH-50-12N FH-60-IDC250 FH-FC-UNIV

*FH-70-160/250/500/900 has protrusion like FH-50-xxx. But the length are shorter. It achieves both easy handling same as FH-60-xxx and relax the curl of fibre as FH-50-xxx. Also, FH-70-12 has same size of protrusion as FH-50-12N.