• The FLS-20T is rugged and compact designed laser light source for optical fiber testing.
  • The FLS-20T generates the laser light at wavelength of 1,310nm and 1,550nm selectable for single mode fibre.
  • The mode of light signal is selectable from CW light and modulated tones.
  • The output connector head is exchangeable depending on style.
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Specification Description
Mode of signal CW (Continuous Wave) or modulated tones at 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz.
Power supply DC with two AA batteries / 1.2 to 1.5V
100 to 240V AC with optional FLS-AA1
Battery life Approx.60hrs with tones of modulated light generated
Approx. 30hrs with CW light generated
Dimensions 147H × 95W × 40D (mm) with rubber protector
Weight 280g with rubber protector, including batteries
Description Model Note
Laser light source FLS-20T
Rubber protector FLS-RUB-01
Connector head FLS-SCA-01 SC type
Carrying case FID-CASE-01
Instruction manual IM-20T/21T-J01
Description Model Note
AC adapter FLS-AA1
AC power cord ACC-08~12 5 types
Connector Head FLS-FCA-01 FC Type
FLS-STA-01 SC Type