• The MICROJET® PR-196 is designed for the installation of fibre units micro/mini cables into ducts, either by the push-pull method, or by pulling with a traction line. Other telecom cables (e.g. copper pairs) can also be installed with the MICROJET® PR-196.
  • The Jetting method consists in simultaneously mechanically pushing the fibre units and micro/mini-cables into a microduct route assisted by a drag force generated to the fibre units and micro/mini- cable by a high velocity air flow through the microduct.
  • The Jetting method allows installation of fibre units and micro/mini-cable into microduct routes over distances ranging from 500 to 2’000 meters.
  • The MICROJET® PR-196 is mainly used on indoor, campus and distribution network construction sites.
  • The installation speed is controlled by the pushing system.
  • Two or more MICROJET® PR-196 can operate in cascading mode for the installation of long cable sections (several kilometres).
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Specification MicroJet PR-196 MicroJet PRM-196
Cable dia. [mm] 3.5-8.0 1.0-8.0
Duct OD [mm] 7.0-16 3.0-16
Drive unit Pneumatic Pneumatic
Clutch Magnetic
Max air consumption of motor [m3/min] 0.2 (at 6 bar) 0.2 (at 6 bar)
Pushing force [N] 0-150 0-25 / 0-150
Radial pressure on cable [N/cm] 15-180 15-180
Max speed [m/min] 120 120
Max air pressure [bar] 16 16
Dimension of apparatus 286 x 260 x 254mm (l x w x h) 286 x 260 x 334mm (l x w x h)
Dimension of apparatus with case 620 x 420 x 340mm (l x w x h) 620 x 420 x 340mm (l x w x h)
Weight of machine 5.6kg 6.7kg
Total weight 16.0kg 17.1kg

Standard Equipment
1 box for the MicroJet and its accessories
1 set of tools
1 speed and distance indicator
1 air hose with quick release coupling Mody to connect to compressor
1 driving wheel without steel tyre
1 pressure wheel (aluminium)
1 bottle of lubricant Micro Jetting Lube
1 operation and maintenance manual


Lubricator For the continuous lubrication of cables for a better Jetting performance  
Jetting Lube Lubricant improving Jetting performance  
Figaro Intermediate cable storage system, avoiding figure of 8