• The FH-60 series single fibre holder is exclusively used for Fujikura FSM-60 series, FSM-18 series, SpliceMate, and former Fujikura Splicers.
  • The Fujikura Fibre Holder System is developed to provide appropriate splicing work for several kinds of fibres, single fibres or ribbon fibres.
  • The FH-60 series is supplied as a pair, for the left and the right respectively.
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Item Description
Applicable number of fibre Single
Type variation In accordance with outside diameter of fibre
Please see VARIATION table
Fibre holding Magnetic clamping
Fibre Holder placing onto splicer Guide-pin system with two pins per one side of Fibre Holder
Dimensions 38L x 16W x 7H [mm]
Weight 20g for 1pair
Material Base plate: Heat-hardening plastic / Lid: Iron-Nickel alloy
Use for: 
Arc Fusion Splicer Single: FSM-60S, FSM-18S, SpliceMate (FSM-11S), FSM-17S-FH
Mass: FSM-60R, FSM-18R, SpliceMate (FSM-11R), and previous Fujikura mass fibre splicers
Fiber Cleaver CT-30
Jacket Stripper HJS-02, HJS-03 (FH-60-250 only)
Model Fibre
FH-60-250 Single (250µm)
FH-60-900 Single (900µm)