Certify your data centre and enterprise installations in the shortest time. The WireXpert, with its unparalleled 2,500 MHz measurement range, is the first cable certifier with the capability to certify the highest performance cabling systems in enterprise Networks and data centres. Cable installers make significant gain in productivity with WireXpert’s industry leading test speed and ease of use. With certification testing up o Class FA and CAT8 copper cabling, as well as MPO, SM, MM and MMEF fibre optic cabling, WireXpert is ready for 40G and beyond.

Cabling systems are evolving rapidly, with CAT8 standard for copper cabling on the horizon, and rapidly growing use of MPO and Single Mode cabling for 40G Ethernet and beyond. The powerful measurement engine of WireXpert 4500 performs the most complex cable certification tests accurately, and in a matter of seconds you will know the answer to “PASS or not?“

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  • Most advanced cable certification or all standards: Class D/E/EA/FA, Category 5e/6/6A, and the new draft CT8 as well as ISO draft standards Class I and Class II
  • First cable certification up o 2,500 MHz to support new TIA CAT8 und ISO Class I and II draft standard
  • Extremely short autotest time bei CT 6A and Class EA
  • Measurement accuracy independently verified by ETL – exceeds ISO Level V, IV and TIA Level IIIe accuracy requirements
  • Endorsed by over 20 cable companies worldwide
  • Many adapter options eg. patchcord testing, Industrial Ethernet, Class FA
  • Perform extended Fibre certification or 850/1300 MM and 1310/1550 SM Fibre
  • First to support MPO Fibre testing or data centres

WireXpert comes with an intuitive touch sensitive user interface, featuring bright colour LCD screens designed for industrial, heavy duty usage. The Dual Control System (DCSTM) – featuring identical devices for Local and Remote units – makes it really easy to operate the test cycles. Whether coordinated by two technicians or only one, walking time between outlets is minimised.
If you are testing 10 Gbs cabling, WireXpert is the clear choice. If you are thinking beyond 10G, WireXpert is the only choice. Built on a future proof, scalable measurement engine, WireXpert protects your investment in test equipment as the data rates supported by the cabling systems increase. WireXpert employs a novel measurement architecture that achieves extremely wide bandwidth with superior measurement accuracy. Its unique RF measurement engine exceeds level IV and level V requirements throughout the measurement frequency range.
WireXpert has been independently verified by highly respected test laboratories such as ETL.
Most leading cable manufacturers have extensively tested WireXpert and have approved the instrument for field certification and associated warranties of their structured cabling solutions. Laboratory testing and comparisons against vector analysers have proven that WireXpert has excellent accuracy and measurements correlate with laboratory equipment. In fact, major cable vendors are using WireXpert in their labs for qualifying CAT8 cabling systems under development.

Item Specification
Certification testing TIA 568-C.2 CAT 5e, 6, 6A, draft CT 8
ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 Class D, E, EA, F, FA
Draft Class I and Class I Permanent link and channel
CAT 5e, 6, 6A, 7, 7A and patch-cord
 Max cable length for dual ended Autotest 500m
 Insertion Cycles Channel: 10,000 typical
Permanent link: 5,000 typical
 Test Parameters As specified in TIA 1152, IC 61935-1
 Loop Resistance  0 to 40 Ω, ±0.1 Ω
 Length  0 to 500m, ±0.5m (dual ended testing)
 Propagation Delay and Delay Skew  0 to 5000 ns, ±1 ns
 Attenuation  0 to 70 dB, ±0.1dB
 Pair-to-Pair and Power-Sum NEXT  0 to 85 dB, ±0.2 dB
 Pair-to-Pair and Power-Sum ACRF  0 to 85 dB, ±0.2 dB
 Return Loss  0 to 40 dB, ±0.2 dB
 ACRN, PSACRN  -25 to 85 dB, ±0.5 dB
 Advanced Diagnostics  Time-domain fault Locator for RL and NEXT
 Measurement Accuracy Exceeds TIA 1152 Level IIIe, IEC 61935 level IV, draft level V
 Measurement Frequency Range 1- 2,500 MHz
Wavelengths 1310nm, 1550nm
Autotest time 6 seconds for dual ended test
Connector type SC, LC (optional adapter needed)
Test standard IA 568 C.3, IEC 14763-3
Loss 0 to 31 dB, ±0.2 dB
Length 0 to 20,000m, ±1.5m
Output power -5 dBm to -9dBm
Receiver sensitivity -40dBm
Wavelengths 850nm, 1300nm
Autotest time 6 seconds for dual ended test
Connector type SC / FC-SC
Test standard TIA 568 C.3, IEC 14763-3
Loss 0 to 24 dB, ±0.2 dB
Length 0 to 2,000m, ±1.5m
 Dynamic range  24 dB / 12dB
 Output power  -4 dBm to -10 dBm / -16 dBm to -20 dBm
 Receiver sensitivity  -34 dBm / -40 dB
 Encircled-Flux (EF) compliance  IEC 61280-4-1 (MMEF)
 VFL wavelength  650 μm (MMEF)
 Power  0 dBm (MMEF)


wirexpert4500-testingWireXpert 4500, can test many different types of cables and components. WireXpert 4500 has test adapters for all categories of copper patchcords, multi-mode MPO cables, simplex multi-mode and single-mode fibre, industrial Ethernet cabling systems (1G and 10G), coaxial cables, and more. WireXpert 4500 even offers a range of specialised adapters for lab testing. In act, some cable vendors use WireXpert 4500 in their research labs to qualify newly developed cabling components.

List-Based Testing (LT) is the world fist to adopt customized hierarchical cable labeling scheme. LBT changes how cable testing are conducted, from entering and saving a label after each test to simply choosing which label from the preloaded list to conduct the test.

The LBT is ideal for project managers who have preferences on how cables should be labelled and creates flexibility for onsite testers to conduct tests in non-sequential order by choosing, skipping and returning to the untested points. When the site is completed, the project managers does minimal sorting and searching from his/her preferred list, saving time and thus increasing productivity.


WireXpert 4500 LAN Cable Certifier
Class D, E, EA, F, FA and CAT 5, 6, 6A, 7, 7A & 8
Frequency Range up to 2500MHz
Ready for CAT8 and Class I & II Draft up o 2000 MHz
Includes two measurement units: local and remote,
2 x CAT 6A channel adapters,
2 x CAT 6A link adapters,
2 x headsets,
Li-Ion batteries,
Power supplies,
USB drive,
Soft carry case,
Calibration certificate
  • List-Based Testing – Generates customised cable labels efficiently by simply inputting building, floor, telecom room, racks and panel names or numbers.
  • Creates a project based environment to allow easy management of saved results such as searching, sorting (by test type, cable label, pass/fail, limit type, etc), renaming and deleting
  • Generates detailed or summarised field eports in PDF or CSV formats with your company’s logo.
  • Provides detailed view of saved results with graphical interpretation in sepaate tabs.
  • Magnify plots for pin-point accuracy for analysis and studies.
  • Easy connection between device and workstation via USB able or USB flash drive.
  • Remote control via USB cable connection for presentation or education purposes
  • Supports importing of OTDR’s *.SOR format and exporting to PDF format.
  • Available in 11 languages and expanding.
  • Available for download at http://www.psiberdata.com.